Rene Beer - electronic musician and producer

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Rene Beer


Electric Twilight

Satellite - Electric TwilightElectric Twilight - Featured release on

Coming out of Croatia is a stunningly beautiful, Deep House release from Rene Beer. Well crafted, well produced and top notch all around.

Techno balet

RaveologijaRaveologija - Techno balet na kazališnim daskama

Medijski dobro popraćena plesna predstava "Shut up and Dance", autorski projekt Ronalda Savkovića, po svim segmentima odskače od standardnog programa riječkog kazališta.


Leaving memories

Rene Beer - Leaving MemoriesThis is why we dance - Leaving memories

Upping the pace a little next with this deep tech-house offering from rising Croatian producer Rene Beer, brought to you by the UK’s Zipped Records.


Bedroom Drama / The Stone (Rene Beer Remix)

The 'Stone - Rene Beer RemixTrack it down- Bedroom Drama / The Stone (Rene Beer Remix)

A44M is excited to present the debut single from the hotly tipped production outfit Bedroom Drama. Little is known about this collective, other than they are all accomplished producers in their own right.


Elektronska glazba u Riječkoj baletnoj predstavi

Shut Up and DanceKlubska Scena - Shut Up and Dance

"Shut up and dance" prva je hrvatska baletna predstava utemeljna na elektronskoj glazbi i plesnoj eksploziji energije. Potpuno drugačija od svih ostalih baletnih predstava ova je namijenjena upravo mladoj publici.


My Bass Is Your Bass

Rene Beer - My Bass Is Your BassResidentAdvisor - Rene Beer - My Bass Is Your Bass

„A bit out-and-out techno for me, but good for the style” This Is Why We Dance
„Nice package, Claytonsane mix for me thanks ” Gemma Furbank
„love em thanks very much guys” Jayson Smythe